Outreach Services Policy

The Outreach Services Department delivers library services and resources to persons outside the library with emphasis on those who are un-served or underserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers.

Outreach Services fulfills this purpose through Discovery Bus stops, homebound deliveries, nursing home/institutional visits, off-site programming, and other services. Because of the growing need for such services, the establishment of purpose and priority for each of these services and for the overall Outreach Services Department is of utmost importance. Services include, but are not limited to, those listed below:


Discovery Bus & Van Service: This Outreach Service is meant to take the library “on wheels” to those who cannot reasonably access a library facility.

Service Priorities: The following types of stops will be considered in the following order of importance:

1. Daycare/Early Learning Facilities: Stops meant to provide library services and experiences to the very young. Facilities must be located at least three blocks away from a library facility.


2. Facilities/Housing for the Aged and/or Disabled: Those who may be unable to visit the library due to physical/mental disability. Stops include adult care facilities, developmental industries, etc.


3. Under-advantaged Neighborhoods: This service often provides their only means of access to library materials and services.


4. Educational Facilities: Stops meant to provide supplemental library services to schools with limited media centers or collections.


5. Outlying Communities/Surrounding Towns: Service to communities at the far reaches of the library’s service area.


6. Residential Neighborhoods: Stops made to residential communities/apartment complexes as a convenience rather than a necessity.

Nursing Home/Institutional Service: Service consists of deposit collections of materials selected and delivered by Outreach Services staff on a bi-weekly basis and programs once each month.

Homebound Service: This Outreach service provides library materials to those who are physically unable to leave their homes and cannot utilize traditional service. Deliveries (and pick-up) of library items are made to the customer’s home.

Approved February 15, 2005, Revised August 18, 2009