ProQuest ebrary

ebraryLooking for how-to books or authoritative information? ebrary is our new online 24/7 library that gives you access to thousands of nonfiction and fiction books online. Whether looking for fun, doing term papers, learning how to cook or taking care of your dog, ebrary has innovative technology that makes the research process quick and efficient.

The collection includes more than 3,200 ebooks in romance, science fiction, mysteries, children’s fiction and other types of fiction published in 2010 and earlier. In total, ebrary features a growing collection of approximately 23,000 ebooks from the world’s leading publishers in multiple nonfiction subject areas.

ebrary App available on Google Play Store and the iOS App store!

ebrary App features:

  • Freely available with any ebrary library product
  • Online and offline reading
  • Seamless downloading of full titles
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Multiple navigation controls
  • Table of contents with relevancy rankings
  • Early check-in of ebrary’s e-books
  • Copy and paste with automatic citation for offline documents
  • User configurable download size warnings
  • Import and use documents from other sources
  • Supports English and Spanish UI
  • Sign-in with connected Facebook account