Welcome to the Seed Library

Want to start a garden?

The Jackson County Public Library wants to help meet that need by launching its new Seed Library. The Seed Library is a collection of heirloom seeds (flower, fruit, herb, vegetable) that anyone can take to plant and grow at home.
A library card or library district residency is not required to participate.

Visit Information Services upstairs at the Seymour Library,
call 812-523-INFO(4636) or email us.

Seeds can be sent to the Discovery Bus, Crothersville, or Medora libraries on request.

Seeds are housed in an old card catalog upstairs at the Seymour Library that was purchased in September 2018 by the Friends of the Library from a former downtown Seymour antique shop. Prior to that purchase, suggestions of a Seed Library had come from several library visitors.

The initial collection has heirloom seeds purchased with funds from the library’s endowment with the Community Foundation of Jackson County. Since supplies are limited, there is a limit of one envelope per seed variety, and there is no guarantee of availability.

Seeds Available 2023

Amaranth – Juana’s Orange
Artichoke – Violet de Provence
Aster – Matsumoto Red Striped
Balm – Lemon
Balsam – Peppermint Stick
Basil – African Nunum
Basil – Genovese
Basil – Red Rubin
Basil – Sweet
Bean – Blue Lake Bush
Bean – Kentucky Wonder Pole Green
Bean – Tahoe Bush Green
Beans – Jacob’s Cattle Bush
Beans – Mbombo
Beet – Detroit Dark Red
Bell Pepper – Cal Wonder Red
Bell Pepper – Sweet Cal Wonder
Bell Pepper – Sweet Keystone Giant
Bitter Melon – Ganjyu
Bok Choy – White Stem
Borage – White
Broccoli – Calabrese
Brussels Sprouts – Groninger
Brussels Sprouts – Red Rubine
Cabbage – Brunswick
Cabbage – Granaat
Cabbage – Red Acre
Cantaloupe – Hale’s Best Jumbo Melon
Carrot – Chantenay Red Cored
Carrot – Cosmic Purple
Carrot – Kuttiger
Carrot – New Kuroda
Carrot – Scarlet Nantes
Cauliflower – De Jesi
Cauliflower – Snowball
Celery – Chinese Pink
Celery – Utah
Chamomile – Zloty Lan
Chard – Fordhook
Chili Pepper – Cayenne Thin
Chives – Garlic
Cilantro – Slow Bolt
Cockscomb – Dwarf Coral Garden Mix
Cucumber – Dar
Cucumber – Marketmore 76
Cucumber – Pickling – Sumter
Eggplant – Black Beauty
Eggplant – Cambodian Green Giant
Eggplant – Kamo
Eggplant – Nagasaki Long
Eggplant – Neimat’s Battir
Eggplant – Rosita
Goji Berry – Black
Greens – Chijimisai
Greens – Endive, de Louviers
Jalapeño Pepper
Kale – Dinosaur
Kale – Dwarf Blue Curled Vates
Kale – Red Russian
Kale – Red Ursa
Kale – Scarlet
Kale – Walking Stick
Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna
Lavender – English
Lettuce – Bibb Butterhead
Lettuce – Green Leaf Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce – Lollo Rossa
Lettuce – Romaine – Paris Isle Cos
Lettuce – Solar Flare
Long Bean – Thai Purple Podded Yard
Melon – Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey
Melon – Prescott Fond Blanc
Melon – Rich Sweetness 132
Melon – Sakata’s Sweet
Melon – Siamese Bitter
Morning Glory – Japanese Imperial Mix
Nasturtium – Alaska Red Shades
Okra – Clemson Spineless
Okra – Heavy Hitter
Okra – Okinawa Pink
Onion – Evergreen Bunching
Onion – Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah

Pansy – Trumpets Mix
Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf
Pea Pod – Dwarf Grey Sugar
Pepper – Chiltepin Wild Chile
Pepper – Habanada
Pepper – Orange Spice Jalapeno
Pepper – Pimiento de Padrón
Pepper – Red Savina
Pepper – Ring-o-Fire Cayenne
Pepper – Shishito
Pepper – Sweet Red Marconi
Pepper – Tam Jalapeño
Pepper – Trinidad Scorpion
Pepper – Zapotec Jalapeño
Petunia – Violet Wild
Phlox – Sugar Stars
Pumpkin – Jack O’Lantern
Radicchio – Rossa di Verona
Radish – Cherry Belle
Radish – Helios
Radish – Japanese Wasabi
Rutabaga – Marian
Sage – Common
Salpiglossis – Cafe au Lait
Snapdragon – Tequila Sunrise
Spinach – Bloomsdale
Spinach – Strawberry
Squash – Bennings Green Tint Scallop
Squash – Boston Marrow
Squash – Butternut
Squash – Early Prolific Straightneck
Squash – Patisson-Panache Jaune et Vert Scallop
Squash – Rouge Vif d’Etampes
Squash – Spaghetti
Squash – Zappalito de Tronco
Strawberry – Yellow Wonder Wild
Sunflower – Mammoth Grey Stripe
Swiss Chard – Ruby Red
Swiss Chard – Vulcan
Thyme – English
Thyme – Wild
Tomato – Beefsteak
Tomato – Big Rainbow
Tomato – Blue Beauty
Tomato – Bonny Best
Tomato – Brad’s Atomic Grape
Tomato – Brandywine Pink
Tomato – Chadwick Cherry
Tomato – Evil Olive
Tomato – Green Tiger
Tomato – Green Zebra
Tomato – Korean Long
Tomato – Orange Accordion
Tomato – Orange Peach
Tomato – Paul Robeson
Tomato – Red Cherry
Tomato – Roma
Tomato – Rosella
Tomato – Rutgers
Tomato – Sweetheart Cherry
Tomato – White Currant
Tomato – Yellow Pear
Viola – Purple Laeta
Watermelon – Crimson Sweet
Watermelon – Kaho
Watermelon – Kurobe
Watermelon – Sugar Baby
Watermelon – Sugar Baby Bush
Zinnia – California Giants
Zinnia – Macarenia
Zucchini – Black
Zucchini – Cocozelle

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At this time, the library does not accept donations or saved seeds due to state seed law and regulations.

The seeds in the Jackson County Public Library’s seed library may not meet germination or varietal purity standards as prescribed by Indiana state seed law.

The Jackson County Public Library will not give away or accept patented seeds or seeds that are protected by the Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Act.