Donate to the Library

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The library welcomes donations to the building fund from members of our community. The library acknowledges gifts of $100 or more on a bronze recognition tree leaf prominently displayed in the Seymour Library lobby. Engraved stones will display names of those donating at least $1,500. Donors may give money in the name of a business, individual or as a memorial.

Purchasing gift and memorial materials is also a wonderful and unique way to remember loved ones or to mark special occasions such as births, birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. Civic-minded businesses might also want to make a contribution to the community by contacting the Head of Information Services and donating an item for the adult collection or the Head of Youth Services for the children’s or teen collection.

With your contribution, the library will purchase an item in the category you choose. For instance, if the person you are honoring with memorial materials was an avid gardener, the library will be happy to enhance its collection by selecting materials about gardening.

Acknowledgement of your gift is sent to the individual or the family of the person being honored. A bookplate imprinted with your name and the name of the person being honored is placed in the item before it is available to the public.

Donations to the library enable us to offer additional resources to our community. For further information please call Administrator Mary Reed at (812) 405-1831.


Click here to print a donation form.