Introducing Beatrice and Bernard!

The Jackson County Public Library Kidz Korner added two new, furry members to the family this past summer!  Their names are Beatrice and Bernard, and they are rodents known as degus, which are related to the chinchilla family. Beatrice and Bernard were recently given their names after holding a naming contest. Everyone was encouraged to come into the library and fill out a slip to suggest a name for the male and female degu.

Like all degus, Beatrice and Bernard are active during the day. They spend their time running on their wheel, eating timothy hay, chewing on toys, and taking the occasional nap. When they do sleep, they cuddle up together. One degu lays over the other. This is a natural instinct for them to help protect each other at night and to watch out for predators.

All are welcome to visit Beatrice and Bernard in the Kidz Korner during library hours!