Mobile Printing Instructions

With our new mobile and remote printing system there are many ways to get a file or webpage from your computer to our computer lab printers. Most file types are recognized by the system automatically and almost any file type can be printed by saving it as a PDF first. Print jobs are not kept overnight so send the job using one of these methods right before you go to the library to print it.

Print a file already on your computer

To print a file already on your computer go to Pick your printer and enter your email address – make sure to type your address in correctly because this is how you’ll retrieve your print job at the Seymour Library. Next, click the Browse button in the File Upload section to find and select the file on your computer. This will upload it directly to the PrinterOn page and submit it as a job at the Seymour library computer lab. Check this page to make sure your file type is supported.

Print by URL

If you want to print a webpage direct from the internet go to and enter the URL of the webpage instead of uploading a file. Copy the URL out of your browser and paste it in the text field instead of pressing the Browse button. Many web pages will not print properly or spread out over many pages in ways you don’t expect, so it may be better to convert the webpage into another type of file. Google Chrome allows you to do this by selecting “Save as PDF” as a “printer” to save it to your computer first, then upload it using the instructions above. These instructions do NOT work for secure webpages, such as viewing an email or Google Doc. When you paste the URL the print system will not be able to access the page

Print by Email

You may also print by sending an email to the printer of your choice. When you use this method a job will show up for the email itself and all the text in it (including sent to: and From: ) as well as any files attached to the email if they are a supported file in the list above. If you attach a PDF (or other supported file) to an email and send it to the service you’ll have a print job for the email and a print job for the PDF so you only have to print the one you want, saving you money.

To send a black and white print job for $.10 a page, email text or your file to

To send a color print job for $.25 a page, send your email to

When you go to the Seymour library to print out your job enter the email address you send the jobs FROM – if your phone or other device has several email addresses configured check to see which email address you used to send the job in. You’ll have to enter that email to retrieve the job from the computer lab.