School Report Websites


Grades 4 to 8

What is a Biome?

What’s It Like Where You Live?

Specific Biome:

Amazon Interactive

Grades 9 to 12

The World’s Biomes

Specific Biomes:

What Are Wetlands?

Desert USA: The Desert Environment

Civil War

Grades 4 to 8

The Civil War

Civil War Women: Primary Sources On The Internet

The Underground Railroad

Grades 9 to 12

The American Civil War Homepage

The Valley Of The Shadow: Two Communities In The American Civil War


Grades 4 to 8

42Explore’s Explorers Page

Australian Explorers

Charles Lindbergh

NASA Education

Stacy Allison

Wilson A. Bentley

Women Adventurers

Grades 9 to 12

Alexander The Great

Antarctic Philately

Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas

Grades 4 to 8

Aztec Calendar

Ice Mummies Of The Inca

Grades 9 to 12

The Lost King Of The Mayas

The Maya Astronomy Page

The Sport Of Life And Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame

Middle Ages

Grades 4 to 8

A Boke Of Gode Cookery: Medieval Recipe Translations

Castle Designs Through History

Middle Ages

Grades 9 to 12

Anthology Of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)

The Middle Ages

The Romans

Know The Romans – This site includes information about many different areas of Roman life and beliefs with differentiated quizzes to test your knowledge on the Romans. The site has many images and videos which give a better learning experience. It is written so that it is easy to read and understand.

Science Fair Projects

Grades 4 to 8

Successful Science Fair Projects

Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Diagram For Kids


Grades 9 to 12

Shakespeare On The Internet

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Shakespeare’s World At Emory University


Grades 4 to 8

Facts About Whales

Kid’s Planet

Sea World

Whale Songs

Grades 9 to 12

Whales On The Net

Threats to Whales

Wright Brothers

Grades 4 to 8

Inventing a Flying Machine

Grades 9 to 12

Wilbur and Orville Wright