Summer Learning Program 2021

Let’s all read together!

Sign up at, download the app, or call us.
Seymour – 812-522-3412, Crothersville – 812-793-2927, Medora – 812-966-2278, and the Discovery Bus – 812-522-3412 ext.1254

Use Readsquared for a chance to win a Brooklyn Pizza Gift Card.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or make an account.
    If registering as a family or reading group, add the parent or person coordinating the group, then add other readers under the account.
    NOTE: Group registration is only for daycares, preschools, and other similar groups.
  3. Follow the instructions.
    Programs are :
    PreK Learning Program – ages 0-5
    Kids Learning Program – ages 5-12
    Teen Learning Program – ages 12-19
    Adult Learning Program – ages 18+
  4. Write down your user name and password.

The 3 Rs:
Read – 15 minutes per day
Record – minutes in Readsquared or on the peacock’s tail*
Repeat – do this every day and we will reach our goals

Reaching goals means everybody wins!**

200,000 min. = outdoor games collection
400,000 min. = Roku and Amazon Fire Sticks
600,000 min. = Nintendo Switches

All points must be recorded by Aug 2 and final tallies will be taken on Aug. 3. Drawing for the Brooklyn Pizza gift card will take place on Aug. 3.

*Paper record available upon request.
**Items will be added to the JCPL collection and available for checkout.

Special Features – only on Readsquared

  • Entered for a chance to win a Brooklyn Pizza gift card
  • Create an avatar
  • Unlock games after each 100 points earned
  • Reading lists available by age and interest
  • Leave book reviews
  • Send friend requests
  • Track your progress
  • Earn online badges