Summer Learning Program 2024

Adventure Begins at Your Library

The adventures are endless at the Jackson County Public Library! Follow the steps below to join this adventurous Summer Learning Program!


Sign up at, download the READsquared app, or call us.

Seymour – 812-522-3412

Crothersville – 812-793-2927

Medora – 812-966-2278

Discovery Bus – 812-522-3412 ext.1254

Register with READsquared:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or make an account.

If registering as a family, add the parent or person coordinating the group, then add other readers under the account.

NOTE: Group registration is only for daycares, preschools, and other similar groups.

  1. Follow the instructions.

Programs are:

Pre-K Learning Program – ages 0-5

Kids Learning Program – ages 5-12

Teen Learning Program – ages 12-19

Adult Learning Program – ages 18+

  1. Write down your username and password.

How the program works…

The 3 R’s: 

Read – 15 minutes per day

      Record – minutes in READsquared

      Repeat – every day 

Points & Prizes:

Registration – coupons

300 minutes – small prize

600 minutes – small prize

900 minutes – small prize

1200 minutes – grand prize entry slip

Children and teens will also receive a book as their 1200 point prize along with the grand prize entry slip.

Keep reading! Every 300 minutes past 1200 earns another grand prize entry slip. When you reach 2400 you have completed the program and earned 5 chances to win a grand prize.

All points must be recorded by July 31 and final tallies will be taken on Aug 1.                                                                                  

Special Features on Readsquared:

Unlock games after each 300 points earned

Create an avatar

Missions for additional points

Reading lists available by age and interest

Leave book reviews

Send friend requests

Track your progress

Earn online badges