The New and Improved Kidz Korner

From August 22 to September 1, Kidz Korner was closed and under construction for the changing of new carpet. In the meantime, we had a temporary set-up in the Meeting Room…

20160829_142412       20160829_144518       20160829_144608



In this cozy set-up, we did the best we could to bring the most popular circulating items of all types over. We were also fortunate enough to be able to bring over the Grocery Store, Train and Lego Tables, all of the computers, the Self-Checkout machine, and the Degus, of course. The Light and the Coloring Tables were set up in the main lobby.

Several Staff worked hard during the move. We had help from multiple departments of the library. It also took several carts and boxes to make it all happen. It wasn’t just physical moving, however. A lot of brainpower went into this for organization of the temporary room as well as the new room.

Now, the new Kidz Korner is open and we are happy to finally show everyone what we have all been waiting to see. Here is our new and improved Kidz Korner:

Castle       Puppet Theater       Caterpillar Tunnel

Discovery Tables 2       Discovery Tables       Doctor

TheLearningCar2       TheLearningCar       Light Table

Picture Books       Nonfiction       Puzzle Table

Nonfiction2       Movies       Launchpads

Our newest additions to the room are the Puppet Theater, The Caterpillar Tunnel, and the Discovery Car. There is plenty of room in the Castle Puppet Theater for kids to play together. It has 2 benches inside. In the back is a red curtain for kids to present a puppet show. We have a big selection of puppets available for play. The Caterpillar Tunnel invites kids to crawl through and be adventurous. The Discovery Car is great for little ones with motor skill development and learning. We also have a Doctor’s Office out for play where patients can sign in, get their check up, and even take an X-ray at the light table.

The angles of bookshelves have turned in such a way to create a better view from the staff desk. The Movies, CDs, Audio, Playaways, and Launchpad collections have moved to the right side of the room, while the Nonfiction section has moved to the left. By switching sides, the shorter shelves make it possible for the windows to bring more sunlight into the room.

Several kids have already enjoyed our new additions. We have seen many puppet shows, had lots of different Doctors and Patients, and heard lots of laughter from kids, parents, and staff.

Kidz Korner is just a little more brighter, not only from the light, but also from the new play atmosphere designed for multiple age levels.