Kidz Korner and My Space Updates

The Kidz Korner has made some changes recently!

In the previous blog, our new My Space area for grades 4-6 was announced.

We now have the addition of bright, orange bean bags for the tweens to relax with a book or an iPad.

Computers in the Kidz Korner have now been separated by age groups.

Kids ages 10-13 use the computers next to the Kidz Korner entrance.

A new Mario display has been put up to welcome them.

  Kids under the age of 10 are welcome to use either area of computers.

There are still 4 computers in the back of the room.

To fill the empty space where half of the computers used to be in the back of the room, a game table has been set up.

Checkers is on the table, but located beside the staff desk is a cabinet with more games available for anyone to play in the Kidz Korner.

This cabinet also includes extra iPads for kids to use.


Beatrice and Bernard, the beloved library degus, are still running, climbing, and cuddling as always.

Their new home is now next to the Kidz Korner entrance doors beside the “new books” shelves.

In this area, they are able to get more natural light from the lobby.