Classroom Collections & Extended Teachers’ Loan Period

This service is provided to local teachers by the Jackson County Public Library to complement classroom and school media collections.

1. The maximum length of the extended teachers’ loan period is six weeks from the day the collection is put together by the library staff. Only books owned by Jackson County Public Library apply to the extended loan period. All other item types are subject to normal checkout time. Teachers may return or exchange the collection anytime before the six-week deadline. If materials are needed for more than six weeks, teachers have the option of renewing the books for an additional three weeks with no further renewals.

2. Please note that some requests may not be able to be fulfilled without 2 weeks of notice.

3. In order to receive the extended teachers’ loan period, collections must be arranged directly with the library staff; otherwise, the standard three-week loan period will apply.

4. Classroom collections may be checked out only to a teacher who has a valid library card. The teacher is responsible for all materials included in the classroom collection. Replacement costs and a processing fee will be charged for all lost and/or damaged books.

5. Teachers may request specific titles or subjects; however, inclusion in their collection will be determined by the library staff based on availability and demand.

6. Staff will notify teachers using the email or phone number provided in the request form.

7. Teachers will have one week (seven days) from notification to pick up their collection before it is returned to the library shelves. Collections will be placed in a basket labeled with the teacher’s name and the six-week due date.

8. All materials should be returned in their original basket.

Teachers may notify the Youth Services Department (522-3412, option 2), Information Services, (522-3412, option 3), Medora (966-2278), or Crothersville (793-2927) that a classroom collection is needed, or fill out an online application here.